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Variety reviews Sweet Crude

"A movie about crime and shame, 'Sweet Crude' is also a classic example of urgent, righteous-indignation agitprop cinema that succeeds in being not just angry, but art." Read the full review.

Upcoming screenings

Fans in the US, Canada, UK, Scotland, Italy, South Africa and Australia will have a chance to see Sweet Crude on the big screen in the next couple of months. Check out our new screenings page to find a location near you.

Awards update

Sweet Crude was a finalist for the Jury Award Best Documentary at the Ashland Independent Film Festival; won Best of Fest at the Everett Women's Film Festival; won the Programmer's Award Best Documentary at the Pan African Film & Arts Festival; won Best Documentary at the Bahamas International Film Festival; won Grand Jury Prize Best Documentary Feature Director at the Red Rock Film Festival; was a nominee for the Progie Film Award for Best Progressive Documentary; and was a nominee for the Maverick Movie Awards in these categories: Best Picture, Best Chronicle and Best Original Score. See our full awards list here. We are proud and grateful for this recognition. Thanks to audiences and judges!

Sweet Crude still needs your support

Don't miss our limited edition Sabotage poster fundraiser to help defray the huge cost of our crew's detainment in Nigeria, getting the film over the finish line and DVD production. This is a fabulous piece of art and one of the best investments around these days. Get the details here.

What's Next?

Sweet Crude is moving ahead on several fronts. Our institutional DVD is now available for sale or rent through The Cinema Guild. We are working on DVD production for individual sale, event-based screenings and other distribution options. We will also continue to advocate for political solutions to the Niger Delta crisis. Many people have asked where they can see the film or how to get a copy. We will let you know as soon as we know – so sign up for our email list and watch our Facebook page to stay informed.

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