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We can't do it alone!

  • Help get the story out by talking to the people in your
    world, posting to blogs and writing letters to your local news
  • Let your legislators know you’re concerned and encourage
    them to call for diplomatic efforts.
  • Thank the 14 U.S. Senators and Representatives who signed the letter calling for the crew's safe release from illegal detainment by the Nigerian military and encourage them to stay involved. Ask them to join Senators Kerry and Feingold in speaking out on the recent Nigerian military attacks on civilian villages.
  • Make a cash donation, buy a Sweet Crude t-shirt or get in on our limited edition Sabotage poster. Your contribution will help defray the significant costs for travel, communications and background materials as we reach out to luminaries around the world. Just choose your level, click on the button and you’re on your way to being part of this urgent work.

Limited edition Sabotage poster

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